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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The farm house is done.

Hi Everyone. I am still 'on the road'. This project is back home and waiting for me. I miss it. I am still working on the Halloween Road Trip project but I have to say things are slow. My wonderful husband and I are house hunting and plan to move back home to NY. This process is very involved, takes a lot of time and patience. At least it seems that way from time to time. Then it feels like we are flying through space at warp speed. In less than a week, we have found the house, signed the contracts and are flying down the path to owning a home in our home area. My blog and my stitching will have to take a back seat to plans, details and things moving. I am over the top happy about this move. When things 'firm up' a bit more, I will share some photos of the new house and Taffy's Studio, the new home of my treasures. To all my followers - - I will be back and promise to post more often when things calm down.


Anonymous said...

Dear Taffy,
nice to read that you are happy. I think you were very fast to find a new home.
It will be a pleasure to create a new stitching paradise. I can´t wait to see fotos.
It will be a lot of work for you now. But happy work. I think of you.
Best wishes und Liebe Grüße von

Joanne said...

Congratulations on your new home! Blessings, Joanne