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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Market and a bit of stitching

Okay - I am stuck at home in my favorite chair. That doesn't mean I am not paying attention to what is new the stitchery world. Here are two new Blue Ribbon designs, with fabric and fibers. Halloween with a Y and Fall Foliage. I love the colors. They look yummy. I am trying to design if the Halloween one should be done as separate ornaments or in a row.........
Then there is a new one from Lady k (?) Just Give Me Diamonds. It calls for a silk thread that I can't seem to find easily. I think I will use Belle Soie instead. There is also the last LHN ornament for the year. I am not planning on continuing that 'monthly' deal next year. I also have three new Belle soie threads and some parts for the JCS ornament issue. Oh, and I caved in and purchased a Just Nan limited edition from Silver Needle called Merry 15. It is a Christmas biscornu with lots of holiday pins.
Oh and I did a bit of stitching. Actually there is a mistake here. The skater should have a darker blue for the shorts. I am thinking that no one will notice in 6 weeks, so I might just leave it this way.


her87monte said...

Hi Taffy.... you shouldn't have told anyone about her shorts.... I thot she had on a blue skating dress.... *grin*

talk to you again.....

take care, Claire

Christine said...

Don't you just love the new Blue Ribbon Designs? I couldn't resist them either!

Great job on your current stitching!