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Friday, October 16, 2009

Just Nan - Spooky Hat

I love it!! The finishing wasn't all that bad. I had the purple twisted cord in my stash and used that around the outside. I did have to make the hot pink cording. It was easy to do and only took a few hours. I just love the bat needle at the top.


Linda said...

Okay, that's pretty adorable, despite the spiders. Neat!

Pepper said...

You know I'm not all that hot on Halloween, But!!
This is the very cutest!!!!

Anonymous said...

That´s sooo nice !!!
I love Halloween in cross stitch. I have a lot of charts. I´m just working on "Murky Manor" Glendon Place. It is such a pleasure. I just got "Sleepy Hollow" Glendon Place to work for the next year. I am so happy that I could buy all the original linen and bottons and special threads. That is not easy in Germany to get that, when you have no credit card and no paypal.

Unfortunately Halloween has no real chance in Germany. Some people want to have that but the most don´t want that. I think it is nice for the children and I always have "sweet surprises" at home.
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von