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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A bit of explanation is in order

I made a mistake. I didn't catch the slight different between an up pointing arrow and a down pointing arrow. (Perhaps it was not so much a mistake). The jacket is supposed to be a mustard color? I discovered the mistake and now wonder if I should change it or not. I like the brown color on the jacket. What do you think?


Linda said...

I liked the brown, too, right up until you said mustard yellow. Now I wonder if the other color would be better. However, if it were my decision, I would NEVER rip out that much stitching, lol. I say brown is the color of the day!

Vicky said...

Go with the brown, it was fate LOL

Carole said...

I'd probably go with the brown too, rather than take it out, but I do think it would look good in the mustard too. As long as you have enough thread I'd just leave the brown.

Anonymous said...

Dear Taffy,
I looked to the photo on the chart and I think the original color is much more friendly in between all those cold and dark colors.
Your brown is not so light and mustard would be much better.
It is necessary for the complete color impression.
To rip it out is not much fun, but it is not too much and you will do that in a short time.
After that you will be happy.

I once riped out a basket in petit point with a bad mistake. It took about 20 hours to correct, so I know how it feels. But at the end it was right and the feeling was good.

I hope you are not angry, but you asked what I think about it.

With love, Anja from Germany