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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ARhhhhh - I found a boo boo

I was proud of myself. Today I did two rows of four sided stitch in order to put these two pieces of fabric 'together'. This has been a problem and bug to me for many years. I think the seamed edges look okay but the outside border on the top is definitely too far out and needs to be restitched. Argghhhhh.


Linda said...

Actually, it looks like the bottom border is not out far enough. The border on top seems equal to the stitching on both sides, but the bottom border is closer to the stitching (on the right side). But maybe it's just the way the picture is - have to see it in person. Anyway, it's beautiful, and if you have to frog any of it you get my heartfelt, most sincere, Charlie Brown AAAUUUgggggghhhhhh!! So sorry, taf!

Linda said...

And was this photo taken in the car????

Anonymous said...

I think you found a very good way to put those two pieces together. I prefer the closer border. Don´t be sad to open the wrong broder. In a few days(hours?) all is ready and fine and you will have a gooood feeling.
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von

Anonymous said...

Taffy, it looks to me like the border on the right hand side of the bottom is the border that is *off* rather than the border on the top.

I'm glad you found a solution to the problem that has bugged you for so long.