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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Solstice

This is one of the teaching pieces I have used in the past. I was showing how to do the edges to make a banner out of this cute little band sampler. I should really get the other seasons done. Why do I keep doing seasons series?


Theresa said...

too cute!! I don't know why you enjoy the season series so much, but I DO KNOW we enjoy seeing them when you have them finished. Thanks for sharing your talent!
Theresa in NW Kansas

Joy said...

Taffy I just love to see your stitching treasures! I like seasonal items too so don't feel bad. Besides you will just have more to decorate with as the seasons change! :-)

Pepper said...

This is just toooo cute!!! I love it. As for the seasons.. there is so much you can do, and such variety. But, this one I really love.