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Friday, August 28, 2009

I have made some new things!

My son and my brother are both making wooden handled threaders for sale. I got the idea to build a display box out of Whitman candy tins. I lined the tins with felt. I made blankets of fleece material to cushion the threaders. I then made a color top and covered the bottom with felt. Here they are!!!!!


Bronny said...

I like those threaders - great idea for storage/display too - nice and colourful

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea.
In our room under the roof, where all the things are which you don´t need all the time, I have a tin box collection and I don´t know what to do with them.
The problem is, I don´t know which adhesive I can use, that doesn´t destroy the fabric when it is old. I made bad experiences with double glue tape by stretching by frameing a cross stitch work.
I love tin boxes and old cigar boxes. It would be nice to have some with a cross stitch work on the top.
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von

Pepper said...

OMG This box is adorable!! Yes, tell us which glue to use. I don't have any boxes at the moment, but would love to find some to do for my favorite project items.

Taffy said...

Well - I use sticky backed felt to line the inside of the tins. I didn't pull the paper off the bottom as it didn't seem to be going anywhere any way. To glue to bias tape around the edge and the fabric (and batting) covered cardboard to the tin I used a Fabric Tac glue. So far so good.