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Friday, June 19, 2009

Knotted Troubles

Now - - here is some fancy stuff. LOL. The center is french knots in red. The petals are bullion knots done with an overdyed floss. Imagine - french knots with 10 to 12 wraps. Just try keeping all the wraps in place as you finish the stitch. It was quite difficult. (Of course finding the correct needles a week later didn't help....) Each bullion knot is surrounded with a lazy daisy stitch in blue. Then the outside yellow stitches are all lazy daisy stitches. I think this is the most impressive stitch on this design. The stems around this flower will need a bit of work to make them match up with the flower design. After those bullion knots, fixing the stems will be a piece of cake.


Pepper said...

I'm having trouble seeing the "boullion knots"....... Are they under the blue?

Taffy said...

They are the blue. They are little wrapped lengths of thread.