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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Scream House by Just Nan

The photo is of the front door and the mummy window. One of the best parts of stitching a Just Nan design is the commentary she has with some of her designs.

Front Door: Netty Nightshade is the witch that has left her broom outside. The door greeter ghost just floats through the front door waving his green hands to scare or greet visitors. There are red eyes peeking out through the fanlight over the door. There is a monster in the attic. The spiders just make it spooky. Nan's spiders are the best.

Mummy Window: The mummy has his green hands showing through as his wrappings are falling apart. Check out the cobweb curtains. The pumpkin upstairs window has his favorite purple mask. He is also making sure no one missing the mummy. The decorations have already been hung on this side of the house.

I still need to put the orange bead garland on the fence posts but I will wait to add beads later.

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