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Friday, November 14, 2008

My Little (?) Black Box

Today I received a surprise in the mail. It was a small box that was filled with all kinds of things. I will attempt to explain a bit. My sister (I love her!) sells hand made things on Etsy, a web based store. That site sponsors Black Boxes. My sister contributes things to go in the boxes and the public can purchase these boxes. You get a variety of things from many, many different artisans. I will try to list many of the items. Each comes with a card from the artisan and most (if not all) have a discount code so you can purchase more of their products. This was a birthday present and I love it. Let's see there is fudge, lavender creamy goats milk soap, two pairs of very pretty beaded earrings, 2 small cloth Christmas gift bags, a purple glass star with copper wire, beaded pony tail holder, several stationary things, a wooden bell ornament, catnip toys for my cat (?), several artistic photos, an iron on decal decoration thing from a quilting group, more earrings, a artistic quilted card to send, a super cool magnet decorated (I can use this for stitching), old fashioned bar soap "Holiday Essence", a gift card envelope (very pretty) I think more soap, candles, Sugar Scrub Sample/Caramel, and Chistmas "Winter frost" tea with a peppermint wreath.

What a wealth of goodies!!!! It is all fun. I now will dig in and really open all the little packages. Check out Etsy for Christmas shopping and perhaps a Black Box might be a wonderful gift for someone that is difficult to buy for. Just an idea. I love it.

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monique said...

Hey that looks neat! What's your sister's store name? And do you have a link to the Black Boxes? I tried doing an Etsy search and couldn't find any (?!)