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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Michelle - Seems to be feeling better

I can't believe this girl. This is my great niece, Michelle, with all the cards and things that have arrived in the mail. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that sent something. It has brightened her days and it is amazing to all that so many people are sending prayers and hugs to someone they don't even know. I will post the photo with her lap full of cards and a photo with her Survival bag which was sent by a small on line group that I am a member of. She is pictured with my great, great nephew, Michelle's newphew. I can't believe with all the broken bones, she is sitting on the floor like that. I cringe just thinking of it.


Aija said...

Speedy recovery to your niece! It looks absolutely amazing that she is sitting on the floor with all her broken bones!

from Yahoo's Stitched Mailart

Chelle said...

Wow Taffy, I can't believe how great she looks in spite of everything! It's like a miracle how she is handling this. Incredible! She will continue in my thoughts and prayers. She still has a long road ahead!