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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Prayers for my Great Niece

My Great Niece, Michelle, has been in a horrible accident. She was run over by a car. She is currently in a pediatric ICU with extensive injuries. I am so far from home and the phone has been busy all day. The situation is looking up just a bit and it appears she will survive this but she will have a very long road to recovery with all the broken bones. If you could, say a prayer. Teenagers are not bullet proof. I want to search my stash and stitch her something. I am also thinking of sending her a small cross stitch kit that she can try while she spends many hours healing.


kathryj said...

Thaks Taf!!!! This is my favorite picture of her. She has lots of people pulling for her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Taffy!
I´m from yahoo´s mailart group, so sad to hear what have happend to your niece,so sorry, hope she gets better soon. I´ll send her cheer up card for her. Love: Haana from Finland

Mia said...

Oh Taffy!
I'm so sorry to hear about your great niece! I'll be praying for her recovery - both physical and mental and Silja would love to send her mail.
Prayers go also to her family!