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Friday, May 2, 2008

Just getting started - -

I am testing out the new blog space. I have many issues with my existing blog and I am looking to be able to do some different things. I know it will be difficult for some to locate the new blog space but after a bit everyone will find me.

This is an old photo of my current project. This is Where Stitchers Gather by Victoria Sampler. I have been working away at the first piece which is just like an envelope. This will later hold the other pieces and a stitching project.

The second photo was just taken today (May 3, 2008). I have the lower back done and the front of the envelope. Next is the flap that will meet up with the first part.

I haven't completed the hardanger heart yet. To complete that part I need to do some cutting and then special stuff. I fear this will make it more difficult to complete the rest of the stitching. So for now I will just keep going.


Lin57EMT said...

Getting used to a new blog area takes time. I hope this one works well for you. I have noticed that when I click to go to your Yahoo blog I often am taken to one of the older pages...and no amount of refreshing the page will bring me to your current posting. The problem was getting more pronounced. I assumed it was my computer, but now that you speak of "issues", I wonder if it isn't a Yahoo problem. Work on the latest project looks wonderful. I love how easily you combine cross stitch with hardanger - an as always, you make the specialty stitches look like child's play.

Lennu said...

Hi Taffy and welcome to Blogger :) I'm happy you changed, I've been reading your blog for some time now, but it's easier to comment here :) Your stitching looks great, I just love this design!

Chelle said...

Nice progress on this project!