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Monday, July 25, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

Well summer did arrive.  Hot, humid with a chance of rain.  I am spending time home with the air conditioner most of the time.  Not to worry because there is plenty of things to do around the house.  Early mornings are spent cleaning the garage.  It seems that over the winter things pile up and now need cleaning out.  After some time in the garage, I get back to stitching.  Last week I did get my Daddy's chair delivered to camp.  It will be my new stitching spot over there.

There is a book shelf on one side, a magazine rack on the other side.  Add a chart holder, formally known as a book stand. It is missing the writing table. The foot stool would hold a lot of stash!  Light pole needs some work and I need to fix the lamp shade. 

The Summer boxer by Lizzie Kate was finished.

The Just Nan tweet will require some finishing.

Then I moved on to Just Nan's Blitzen Glistens!


viv said...

Love the chair. Great stitching.

Robin in Virginia said...

Lovely projects you have worked on! Wow, what a cool looking chair. Bet is it very comfy!

Diana said...

Love Blitzen 😀