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Monday, August 10, 2015

Let the Games Begin

This was at 8:30 this morning.  The old camp came down quickly and is now completely GONE!  Next many trees were leveled and the grounds are being leveled and readied for the next part.  Wow!  Tonight the site is unrecognizable to me.  Yippee Skippy!!!  Let the fun begin.

Stitching?  What is that? I haven't touched a needle in days.  My brother is here and we are very tired from tearing boards off the old camp, loading up the franklin stove and then unloading at my back yard.  Thank you to my son for his help.  Then there is the trees trimmed along the driveway, squirrel control, license plate cover fix, arms painted for the chair for camp, lawn table moved, and general craziness.  One more day with my brother.  Many more chores to complete.  Tomorrow is rain but will still check the camp and see what is happening.  Then I need a day or two off to rest.  The new well should be going in this week.  Parking lots identified and prepared.

It seems strange to have this happening.  I have been working on this dream for 14 months now.  Finally something is happening.  Wow!


Anonymous said...

You've waited so long for this day! So glad it is going well for you.

Susieq said...

Is the camp going to be for anyone in general who want to camp, or specific groups to rent and have get-togethers, like a stitching camp? I missed this when you first started your dream project.

Taffy said...

This is a replacement for my family's camp. Mom and Dad built the original in 1951. I spent most summers there. Friends and family all have great memories of the place. I purchased the camp from my brother and will now replace it. It is a private camp and won't be rented out. I do know that a few of my stitching friends are waiting for their invitations.