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Monday, April 21, 2014

Holly & Hearts Part 3 progress

I did make some progress.  I am hoping to finish this one soon.  I am being so good to not start the one that I really want to work on.  Today I did take a break and went outside.  It is 75 degrees out there.  The trees have buds on them.  Everything is brown and dirty looking.  We are all eager to see green and colors soon.  I did some raking to clean up out front.  I am glad to have the alphabet part done.  It does look interesting.   I am eager to see how this whole thing looks. 

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blue star stitcher said...

I am jealous of your good weather, it's already up to 97 degrees here and my husband and I were just debating whether to turn on the air conditioner already! Very nice progress on Holly and Hearts.