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Sunday, September 26, 2010

White, White, White, White

There is a lot of white. I wonder if there are any rules when it comes to this type of stitching? Do you stitch up and down or side to side? It seemed to me that it would be easier to do one vertical row at a time. I ended up doing the stitching that way but if there was another stitch in the row ahead that I could pick up, well, then I did that one too.


Linda said...

Personally, I think you are asking the same question men have been asking for 50 years or more: should I mow the lawn in vertical rows, horizontal rows, or should I do something different, like concentric circles that just keep growing...hmmmmmmm....which way is right? I think it's whatever keeps you from getting too bored with the task!

Joy said...

Looks great Taffy!! Glad to hear you are doing well. I agree with Linda...whatever works to prevent boredom! :-)