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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clear and white beads - -

Well, the beading has started. I also did the back stitching, which I had forgotten.


Linda said...

So pretty! The beads give the snow depth. I love these - you have such patience, but it is sooo worth it to see them finished.

Elaine said...

Such a pretty wip, look forward to more up-dates.

Anonymous said...

Dear Taffy !
It looks beautiful ! I like your day to day pictures because I like to follow the stitching steps.
Opening your blog is like opening a christmas calendar door. Surprize what I can see every day.

The motiv with the snow is a hope of beautiful winter, because in Germany in this days we have very very hot weather. Too much for me.

In cross stitch I just began the "Over the hills sampler" from The Sampler Company Brenda Keyes. It is for my son and it is a secret work, I have long time to finish.
I love the charts of The Sampler Company.

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von