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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I just love this - -

My sister stitched this tablecloth. It has such pretty blue and yellow flowers. I am pleased and thrilled to have it. My nephew and his wife had their eye on it and I said that was fine. Then they told me it was mine. Jayne worked on this project over a long time and did not know that she had finished it. It covers my barrel table which is full of candles. It is a reminder of my sister. I don't really need any reminders - - my heart aches every day.


Linda said...

Oh, how beautiful and how "Jayne". I know it's awful that she's gone, but imagine how empty it would be if she never picked up a needle...

What wonderful treasures you have to mark her time in your life. Not the same as having her here with you, I know, but still...there is comfort in touching these things, isn't there? I love touching the scarf she made that you gave to Bud. It makes me smile, and I gain a bit of peaceful feeling when I look at it. Thanks for sharing this piece with us.

Mark said...

Yeah, we did have our eyes on it, but you deserve it Taff. That and a whole lot more. I'm sure mom would be happy its at your house.