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Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Envelope in progress

This will be front section. The theme of this exchange is Lizzie Kate. I thought a kite was perfect for windy spring days.
On the back is the flowers that will come after the showers. LOL. Oh and I love the lady bug.


Shari said...

oh my!!! Too adorable!!!! I think I need some mail art lessons, as I LOVE these & would love to learn to make them properly!!

Anonymous said...

Super simple finishing. I like to use six or eight inch banding as the edges don't require any attention. I stitch basting lines to divide the envelope at the fold lines. It takes about six inches of banding to make an envelope. Remember the front is upside down from the back parts. Stitch and have fun. Line with an iron on interfacing, fold and finish two edges. done, done and done. Shari - - try it. -Taffy

Terri said...

Looks fantastic Taffy

Linda said...

Too cute. You're right about the kite - we've had especially windy days here lately, too. The upside-down part would have me all messed up, but you always make things look so easy. Nice job!!