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Sunday, March 15, 2009

It is a good thing I like stitching

A friend lost his mother on Christmas Eve last year. As he and his sisters were cleaning out the house, they found some cross stitch supplies. My friend said he would save it for me. So he brought me a XS bag, some very old floss, a few charts and aida cloth. I took a small part of one chart by Jean Ferrish and stitched eight (he has seven brothers and sisters) tulips to be made into ornaments. The stitching is done. Finishing to follow.
Back stitching done for the skate. I will now move down directly below the skate. I am trying to keep up with the outlines and back stitching.


Linda said...

The roses are beautiful and I love the detail on the old-fashioned skate. I think the tulips will be greatly treasured by all of the receivers. What a nice thing for you to do for them.

Pike said...

How nice of you to do these ornaments for them! The tulips look great

Simone said...

How thoughtful of you to stitch all the children a little ornament as a remembrance of their mother!
Your winter piece is coming along very nice!